About us

Hey there!

We are a company who believes that a physical body transformation starts with a change of mindset. Therefore, the mind and body will be connected and the person will be developing its full potential.

A little more about our founder:

The company was founded by Ana Salazar in Houston, TX, a Venezuelan who dreams about helping people achieve their goals. Ana studied Supply Chain and Logistics in the University of Houston, but fell in love with yoga while cursing her studies. Ana has always understood the value of spirituality in an everyday life, therefore, Alchemist was born as a way of unifying  the spiritual transformation that one can have with a physical goal set in our mind. 

Why Alchemist?

Centuries ago, Alchemy was discovered. It became a science that studied the transcendence of metals into one component to another, Mercury being one of the first chemical discoveries. Alchemists were stunned by the composition of gold, being considered the richest metal. An Alchemist's purpose is to find the way to convert other metals such as Silver to gold. 

We believe that we can become gold when we focus our mindset and empower ourselves in new journeys and habits. Our brand believes in the spiritual concept of alchemy, considering the body the chemical component due to the body’s nutritional needs. To support a physical transformation, we believe that our mind needs to become resilient and open to try new alternatives into the fitness and wellness path such as Yoga, Crossfit, or Weight Lifting.

Mission statement:

Our mission is to become part of our customer’s transformational journeys by providing high quality and durable products. 

Vision Statement: 

Our vision is to be the world’s top activewear brand, to support athletic lifestyle changes, and to deliver an outstanding customer experience.